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All we need to begin this program is a signed contract agreement, your first month’s lease, and a security deposit. Then you will make one payment per month thereafter. Payments are based on 36, 48, or 60 months, whichever term you choose.

  • It is much easier to get the needed equipment when starting up.
  • You may be needing to do a loan for some other reason such as a house and do not want this to show up on your credit at this time.
  • You are currently renting equipment knowing that nothing of the rental that you are paying each month is gaining you any equity and you would like that to change.
  • You are wanting to expand but are not sure if you really want to commit to buying more equipment and would like to give it a try first to make sure things will work out before committing to a loan or purchase.

We do require a 4 month commitment but anytime after that you are free to return any equipment that you decide that you do not want to continue to lease.

We will gladly help you to make this switch and will apply the normal portion of your lease payment toward the payoff in the same way as if you were doing a payoff. This is a very good way to test the waters and then switch to a lower cost alternative.

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